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101 Ways to Teach a Song

Singing Games


  • The Singing Time Ideas Page!
  • April Showers
  • Birthday Tree
  • Book of Mormon Match-Up Relay
  • Eddie Spaghetti
  • "Fathers" Maze Game
  • Follow the Prophet Connect Four
  • HATS!!
  • Let's Make a Deal!
  • Making a Missionary
  • Motivators!
  • Pin the Note on the Song!
  • Pioneer Days - Gull Game
  • Random Selection Numbers (1-6)
  • Random Selection Numbers (7-12)
  • Singing in a Can
  • Singing Time "Friends"!
  • Singing Time Trivial Pursuit
  • Song Selection "Fish" Game
  • Twister!
  • Winter Singing Time Games
  • Your Idea Page!

  • Caroline's Singing Times!

    Primary Songs

    2002 CSMP SONGS
    "I Love to See the Temple"
    "Families can be Together Forever"
    "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus" COMING SOON
    "I Will Follow God's Plan"
    "The Lord Gave Me a Temple" COMING SOON
    "Truth from Elijah"
    "Family History - I am Doing It"

  • "Beautiful Savior"
  • "Book of Mormon Stories"
  • Book of Mormon Word Search Use with "The Books in the Book of   Mormon" - p. 119
  • "Books of the Old Testament"
  • "The Chapel Doors"
  • "Choose the Right"
  • "The Church of Jesus Christ"
  • "Faith"
  • "Father, I Will Reverent Be"
  • "Follow the Prophet" Book of Mormon Prophets
  • "Follow the Prophet"Booklet
  • "Follow the Prophet"Latter-Day Prophets
  • "Follow the Prophet"  Matching Game
  • "He Sent His Son"
  • "Hello Song" - Languages
  • "Goodbye Song" - to "Hello Song"
  • "Help me, Dear Father"
  • "I am Like a Star"
  • "I am a Child of God"  Different Languages
  • "I Know My Father Lives"
  • "I Like My Birthdays"
  • "I Lived In Heaven"
  • "I Pray in Faith"
  • "I Will be Valiant"
  • "The Iron Rod" game
  • "The Iron Rod" - 1
  • "The Iron Rod" - 2
  • "Keep the Commandments"
  • "Listen, Listen"
  • "My Heavenly Father Loves Me"
  • "Nephi's Courage"
  • "Press Forward, Saints"
  • "Repentance"
  • "The Sacrament"
  • "Search, Ponder and Pray"
  • "Seek the Lord Early"
  • "The Still Small Voice"
  • "Stories of Jesus"
  • "Teach Me to Walk in the Light"
  • "The Things I Do"
  • "The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden" - Caroline Otto
  • "This is My Beloved Son"
  • "To Think About Jesus"
  • "We'll Bring the World His Truth"

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